Watch Top 10 Best Bollywood- Hindi Action Movies That Everyone Can Enjoy

Watch Top 10 Best Bollywood- Hindi Action Movies That Everyone Can Enjoy

Lights, Camera, Action! For all we know, Bollywood has given an entirely new meaning to action. Who knew that we’ll make movies which will hit the box office with such a bang! All we get to hear is that we have heard is that this movie makes a 100 crore profit or that movie makes a 400 crore hit. Who can forget Sallu Bhai from Ek Tha Tiger or our very Singham?

Top 10 bollywood Hindi action movies
Top 10 Bollywood Hindi action movies

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Watch Best Bollywood- Hindi Action Movies That Everyone Can Enjoy

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Whenever action comes to our mind, these are the movies that top our list:

  1. Ek Tha Tiger

The movie is a package. First of all, we have this amazing couple – Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif – apart from that they are extra cute. Both are spies but representing different countries, end up falling in love. What an adventure it was to watch the two, always off the grid. Amongst the best Bollywood action movies, one can watch.

  1. Wanted

Wanted (2009)
Wanted (2009)

Another one starring Salman Khan but this time with him was Aisha Takiya. They fall in love and the universe has so many ways to pull them apart and that is where the action comes in. It is a blend of romance, drama, and action! We loved it and obviously recommend for you all to watch it if you haven’t already!

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  1. Dabangg

Tere mast mast do nain.” This movie presented to us the widely renowned Chulbul Pandey. He became our immediate favourite for who was playing the role, of course, Sallu Miyan. Sonakshi Sinha made a great debut out of the film! How a police officer tries to fight off the bad forces that exist in his town. The movie makes us laugh as much as it is known for the intensity of the action, thus, landing among the top Bollywood action movies.  

  1. Singham

Aapla Marathi Bhau.” Jaikant Shikre tries to put in all his effort to beat the sh*t out of Singham. However, what did he think? Our Singham is a person in power too, yeah? Another one where we experience the combination of romance with action and that too the one directed by “Rohit Shetty.” How could it not be the best of Bollywood action movies if Rohit Shetty wasn’t there?

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  1. Rowdy Rathore

The movie is an imitation of a South Indian movie, however, we loved it. The “chinta ta ta Chita Chita” made all of us enjoy with immense laughter. The movie is filled with action and Akshay Kumar plays a double role. Both of the roles played by him were very bold and strong and made us admire him all the more!

  1. Dhoom 2

The one where robbery became so interesting. The skills with which Hrithik Roshan steals most stuff leaves us in awe. In addition to that, Aishwarya Rai stole our hearts. And the action between the police and thieves was a cherry on top of the cake. The movie gave us the time of our lives.

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  1. Main Hoon Na

No matter how hard we try, this movie wouldn’t ever leave our minds. Not that we’ll try. Jokes apart, the movie was unexpected for the title gives us a very romantic impression. None the less, the movie did have a romantic facet. But the action, damn, led the movie to become the top Bollywood action movie.

  1. Race 2

Starring Saif Ali Khan, this movie matches his personality. This movie is full of suspense. You never know what is the next turn that the movie is going to take. The movie, however, was action filled and it left us lost for words. Thus, becoming one of the best Bollywood action movies.

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  1. Agneepath

A young boy encounters that his father has been killed by a group of people. The trauma drives him into all sorts of bad habits. The remnants of his kin abandon him and he even gets stuck with the mafia. The movie showcases one of the most horrendous villains we have ever seen and displays the best of actions as well.

  1. Bodyguard

Oh, how could we forget Bodyguard? The one where Sallu fell for a girl who he couldn’t reach. The movie proceeds as a prank but eventually, Kareena Kapoor ends up falling for Sallu. How couldn’t she, considering how cute he was. Apart from being cute, he was really strong and that is where the action comes into the picture. Becoming the amongst best Bollywood action melodramatic movies.

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Started with the best and also ending with the best! We all love these movies and whenever we crave action, we would always end up watching these. Because for the win!

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