Top 10 Famous Hindi Item Song- Bollywood Most Popular Hot Item Number List

Top 10 Famous Hindi Item Song- Bollywood Most Popular Hot Item Number List

There are some songs that just make us want to stand up and groove so hard on it that once we are done, we have a lie down for some time just to catch our breath. Bollywood has given us all sorts of songs and obviously, it did not forget to give us “item songs.” If they did not exist, I’m not sure how would be able to “perform”, don’t you agree? These songs make it to the top of the list when we sort songs out to be played in a party or perhaps a baraat. Thus, given below is a list of such songs.

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Top 10 Famous Hindi Item Song- Bollywood Most Popular Hot Item Song List
Top 10 Famous Hindi Item Song- Bollywood Most Popular Hot Item Song List

Top 10 Famous Hindi Item Song- Bollywood Most Popular Hot Item Number List

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  1. Kajra Re

Starring Aishwarya Ri Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, and  Amitabh Bachchan, this song is the best and the most popular item song of all times. Don’t you agree? Bunty and Babli were already a great movie but without this song, I don’t think it’ll be on the same level as it is on now.

  1. Baby Doll

Who wouldn’t enjoy dancing on this song? It’s certainly my personal favourite. Starring Sunny Leone, this song has such catchy beats and music that it renders you to a completely different state of mind, altogether. The music video of the song is on another level as well. Each time this song is played, we immediately get on to dancing and not just any steps, THE SAME STEPS FROM THE VIDEO.

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  1. Char Botal Vodka

What a combination. The singer being Honey Singh and actress – Sunny Leone. The young generation is already in love with the two of them. So how could this song not be amongst the most popular item songs. Each time this song is played at a party or perhaps any occasion for that matter, a lot of shooting is certainly followed.

  1. Character Dheela

Mein karoon toh saaala, character dheeela hai. Okay, honestly, as soon as I typed the name of this song, I, immediately, starting singing it. And, I’m sure you guys hummed it too. This per se explains how this song is the amongst the most deserving candidates to be a part of the list of the most popular item songs.

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  1. Oh Lala

Starring Vidya Balan, this song is one of the most seductive songs that Bollywood has come across, don’t you think. Regardless, it is really well liked by the crowd and each time we hear the song we begin to hum with it with all sort of background noises. *wink wink*

  1. Sheila Ki Jawani

I’m too sexy for you, mein tere haath na aani. This song has become so widely accepted by the audience, let alone teenagers, even kindergarten students were “jamming” to this song. A little girl was asked what her name was in one of her school interviews and this was her answer. Now wouldn’t you agree with the obsession to this song?

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  1. Munni Badnam Hui

Dabangg was a hit, Munni Badnaam hui was even better. Malaika Arora Khan deserves all the compliments in the word and even they’ll mean so less. This lady has a superpower, anti aging. Who would say that she is a 40-year-old? The grace in her dance never fails to amaze is. All hair Malaika Arora.

  1. Chikni Chameli

Starring Katrina Kaif, this song belongs to the movie “Agneepath”. The movie is no match for the song. The song became our immediate favourite ever since it was released. We grooved to it, made remixes out of it and grooved some more. Well deserved position in the list of top popular item songs of Bollywood.

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  1. Mayya Mayya

This song from Guru was the item song when it was released. It still is amongst our favorites for its tunes, music and the music video has reserved a special place in all of our hearts. Even though we might not be able to sing along with this song, each time this song comes on we make sure we shake our belly to imitate Malika.

  1. Tattoo

This song from the movie ABCD 2 is certainly amongst the best to groove on. Plus on the first look itself, we fell in love with Lauren. The dancer has made us enjoy not only the song but also the dance moves. I am sure you would agree and you loved the song just as much.

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These songs should be on your list if you are ever deciding to party and do let us know what other songs would be in your choice in the comments section below. Party hard.

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