JioCoin Launch Date, Price Today, How to buy JioCoin in India

JioCoin Launch Date, Price Today, How to buy JioCoin in India –A few months ago very few people knew about Cryptocurrency. There was very inadequate knowledge of cryptocurrency in India. But as Bitcoin price surge past $10,000, the cryptocurrency became one of the talking points. In recent past, the price of Bitcoin kissed $20,000 price and many people in India invested their hard earned money into the cryptocurrency.

Since Crypto is one of the talking points, one of the Indian reputed company has come up with a plan for launching their own cryptocurrency. The son of India’s richest man – Akash Ambani has come with an idea to launch a coin named JioCoin. As per few sources, the company will work on blockchain technology. Akash Ambani is supported by a team of 50 members whose average age is said to be around 25 years. The blockchain is a trending technology which stores data on the cloud and not on any physical servers. Due to this, it can be accessed in real time without any delay. Reliance Jio is planning to use this advanced technique for chain management logistics.


Jio Coin Launch Date – When is Jio Coin Releasing?

Since last few days, Jio Coin has been trending in India. Many reports claim that Akash Ambani is coming up with a crypto coin named Jio Coin. Now the discussion is all about when will Jio Coin Launch? Jio Coin Launch Date is not yet officially announced. So we will have to wait till the official word. Stay tuned to the blog as we will be sharing the exact date of Jio Coin Release.

Jio Coin ICO Price – What is Jio Coin Price Today?

Many people who are aware of cryptocurrency know what exactly ICO is.  But many aren’t aware of what exactly ICO is. So ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It is similar to IPO in the stock market. ICO is a risky investment and can often lead to huge losses. The company which wishes to launch an ICO usually has a business plan which is publically announced (usually known as whitepaper) and a website is designed which describes the great idea of the company. Many people who support this idea invest their money in this company ICO. In return, the company gives their investors Babycoins. These coins usually increase in price once listed on exchanges. ICO has a huge potential of making profits but is associated with equivalent risk.

The JioCoin which is being talked a lot in recent times in expected to launch soon. There is no official announcement regarding JIOCOIN Price but few online reports claim that the price of Jio Coin ICO is expected to be somewhere close to $1. One dollar is equal to 64 INR.

How to Buy JioCoin in India Online?

There has been a lot of discussions regarding Jio Coin. But many people don’t know How to Buy Jio Coin Online in India. So here we are going to discuss in detail regarding How to buy Jio Coin Online. As per some news online, JioCoin can be bought initially using JioMoney app. But it is expected that JioCoin will be available on other well-known exchanges as well like Bittrex. For now, keep sharing the post with your friends on all social media sites and make everyone aware about JioCoin.

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